Sunday, December 18, 2011

Bromances make the world better.

So, I have been inspired to write a list of my top 5 favorite (fictional) bromances. I am going to enjoy this immensely.

5. House and Wilson
This is by far the best relationship that has ever existed on House. Without this, I probably wouldn't watch it half as much as I watch it now. I just love it.

4. Will Herondale and Jem Carstairs
Is it just me, or do bromances not happen as often in books as I'd like them to? I'm sure I am forgetting some examples, but this is the most prominent one I've found. Even my beloved Hunger Games is unfortunately lacking in the bromance department (no, I don't count that one Finnick/Peeta thing), but I forgive it. Anyway, Will and Jem's relationship is what makes the love triangle a "triangle" instead of a V. I like it; it makes the whole situation agonizingly, beautifully unfair. I like that Jem protects Will and the world from each other, and I like that Will buys Jem's drug for him because Jem hates doing it. I like that Jem can make fun of Will and Will can whack Jem on the head for not telling him about his knowledge of demon pox evidence.

3. JD and Turk
Honestly, you can't have a list of bromances without Vanilla Bear and Chocolate Bear. The picture above= enough said.

2. Landry Clark and Matt Saracen
Best friends since they were five, and Landry giving Matt horrible advice the entire time. I love their friendship so much, it kills me that I don't know exactly what's up with them after the show is over. But either way, the scene above is from when Matt went to Chicago and didn't call Landry, and Landry stands in the doorway all aloof and hurt and after a solid effort at staying mad, he just lets Matt in and they act like nothing happened. Then Landry ends up taking Julie's ticket back to Chicago with him. Oh, and how Matt's grandma tells Landry not to throw a football because he throws like a girl. And then there's the time when Matt went to Landry for advice on (spoiler alert) asking for Coach's blessing to marry Julie, and Landry gave him the required horrible advice and then FINALLY (this is the series finale) said something useful-- which was that a football coach probably wouldn't be too thrilled to let his daughter marry someone who works at an art gallery.

1. Cory Matthews and Shawn Hunter
The original bromance. I ship the bromance Cory and Shawn even more than I ship the romances Cory & Topanga or Angela & Shawn. I love that they make things better for each other when nobody else can. I love that Topanga has to tell them, "Stop it! You're boys!" I love that half of Cory's wedding was spent making up with Shawn, who only started a fight because he was upset that things were changing. I love that Shawn is the only person who ever truly understands Cory. I love that they help each other deal with both the heavy things and the light things perfectly. I love that everybody knows how important they are to each other, but nobody really gets it-- because Cory and Shawn are the only ones who need to get it. I love that "for better or for worse, 'til death do us part" applies more to them than anyone on the show.


  1. dang, it's too bad Danny Gokey and Matt Giraud aren't fictional characters.

  2. Will and Jem - YAY!
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